De Novo means starting from the beginning; anew.

Happily married. Father of 4

Have been alive for 30 years

I accidentally became a designer. I got my first job as a graphic designer after doing some designs for my youth group. I ended up leaving that job,
went to Bible college and left design as a hobby. I continued freelancing on the side for fun, not realizing I had a marketable skill. Finally, a lightbulb went off and I pursued a career in design. Went from graphic design to web design, to product design then finally UX design. The rest is history.

I am a wooer. I seek to persuade, win over.

Did I already say I have 11 years of design experience?

4th generation Arizonian, prefer the ocean though 😉

Believe designing is understanding a problem first, THEN solving it

Love to play guitar and happen to be pretty good at it. Good times since ’99.

Believe if you make the same mistake twice, you have failed

Believe talent goes further than skills and education in the world

Wisdom is your starting point, not your closing argument

Believe communication is all about what’s heard, not what’s said.

I grew up in a small town in the woods.

Met my wife when I was 16. didn’t make a move for another 2 yeARS.

I once recorded bass guitar parts on a few songs for an R&B artist.

My favorite show is Psych.

i’ve designed websites, mobile apps, web apps, products, illustrations, business strategies, branding, logos and more.

my favorite project was a gold buying kit. If Gold buying and Marry Kay had a baby it would be this kit. The project included product design; the box, illustrated instructions and web design; marketing website, web app for gold party hosts, etc. It was a fun project.

I made this portfolio using a wordpress theme. I don’t ever do that. I always hand-code and design my personal sites. But this one was so well coded and designed and using it saved me a ton of time. So I did it.

I’m really into Star Wars… Like Really.

I Occasionally throw out a dad joke.

I have washboard abs, but the washboard currently has some dirty laundry in it.

I once won a 10lb Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. It took me weeks to eat that thing.

I wasn’t allowed to drink soda as a kid, but that did not stop my brother and I from stockpiling it in our room.

I own a 1973 Martin d28.

I own nearly 100 copies of the bible.

I prefer reading a hardcopy book over digital.

I once hiked a mile down a mountain to a lake while carrying a canoe with a friend.

I was involved in a summer of prank wars with some of my friends. Cars were stolen, people were kidnapped, and I shot my best friend in the chest with a Daisy BB Gun from on top of a coffee shop.

My Brother and I Once made an igloo from snow and ice. We eventually destroyed it when we Attempted to ride our bike on top of it.

I come from a blended family. My parents were previously married and each had 2 children, then they got married and produced my brother and myself. In total there are 6 of us; 4 dudes and 2 gals.

My favorite NFL team is the Arizona Cardinals. They make it hard to be a fan sometimes.

I still remember watching Cardinals games on my grandpa’s lap as he drank Iced Tea of a cup, smoked a cigarette and yelled at the TV. Good Times.

My first design was a t-shirt for my high school youth group. I also played bass at the time for the church’s worship band. The drummer saw the design and liked it so much he offered me a job as a graphic designer. I was 18.

At my first job as a graphic designer, I had to determine my pay based off of putting. The office had a little putting green. I managed to get $10/hr.

I’ve been to 3 countries outside of the U.S.; Mexico, Ukraine, and Austria.

“If Your friends jumped off a cliff, would you?” This is something my mom used to say to me. Howver, I was a smart-a** and often answered “Depends how deep the water is below.”

My friends, my brother, and I jumped off of cliffs into water all summer-long. It was awesome.

My family is ripe with painters and artists going back generations. I cannot paint or draw super well by hand. But give me a keyboard and mouse and I can do some pretty artistic stuff.

When my wife and I first got married we were poor, like super poor. I brought like 5 guitars into our marriage but within a year I had one. The others had been pawned and sold for rent money.

I once missed a flight for a job interview. I got on a later flight with an 8 hour layover in Atlanta. I showed up for my interview a day late,
with no time to shower. My interview was supposed to last a full day, instead I had a couple hours to impress. After the interview I was super bummed, thinking I didn’t get the job. A couple days later I was offered the job. I ended up working at that company for 5 years.

I hate running.

I voted for trump. I regret that. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want Hilary either. It makes me sad that they were the last two candidates. Can we really not do better as a country?

i drink nearly a pot of coffee a day.

I own more books than I’ve read and than can fit on my bookshelves.

When I was 17, I starting reading Wayne Grudem’s book on systematic theology. It was too much and I had to revisit it later.

My wife thinks I’m a little conceited with my portfolio. My face is plastered everywhere and I have pages devoted to talking about myself. Hmm… Am I conceited?

I was fired from a restaurant when I was 16. I was a jerk. I would blow off work, show up late or just not show up at all. Getting fired was one of the best things that could happen to me. I later sat down with the owners and apologized. A year later they asked me to come back to work for them.

I don’t know why I am making the list right now.

I hold no allegiance to any specific phone. I have had a blackberry, several androids, iPhones, even windows Phones. Now I have a Google Pixel 2.

I am a songwriter. Melodies are my strength.

My brother and I used to have LAN parties at our house. We’d have like 16 people all playing Halo 2 in different rooms around the house.

I’m running out of random stuff about myself.

I have a son and he is just like me. Sometimes he drives me nuts.

One of my daughters is just like my wife. She is stubborn, loud and an Irish stereotype. I love her to pieces because she reminds me of my wife. My wife and her tend to butt heads.

I try to get along with everyone I know. So much that people can’t be mad at me. Not like that I’m perfect but that I don’t give people the satisfaction. Say a co-worker is mad at me. I’ll just keep working with them, being nice and acting like nothing is up. Eventually they aren’t mad at me. I think.

I was always taught not to discuss three things with other people: money, religion and politics. I’ve not hit on every one of these.

I had long hair for a couple years in high school. I looked like a hippie. But I never did a pony tail. I’m just into that as a dude.

I would eat nachos for every meal if i could.

I am more of a designer than I am an artist. Art is subjective, design is not. Design is meant to help people complete goals, tasks, and dreams.

For Valentine’s day i wrote my wife a song; lyrics and music. I recorded it and played it for her but you will never hear it. It’s sappy.

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, I was told I could’t have any time off for the birth. No biggie, I get it. Some of the ladies I worked with demanded that my boss give me a week off. He caved and granted me a week off. I’m at the hospital, my wife is in labor. My boss knows I’m at the hospital but he’s calling me about work. Repeatedly. When we get home from the hospital, he calls me and says I need to work from home that week. After 2 days, he makes me come into the office. Keep in mind, my wife had a c-section and was in a lot of pain, still recovering from surgery. I left that company a few months later.

Family is important to me

I have a standing desk. It’s awesome

Dieter Rams is an inspiration to me as a designer.